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Piano Synth Collection™ - My Official Lineup Of Insanely Realistic, Totally Free Piano SoundFonts (All In SF2 Format)!

on Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:55 pm
I'm going to explain what a SoundFont is for those of you whom may be unfamiliar with the term, then we can get to the good stuff.

What Is A SoundFont?

Have you ever noticed the various fonts for changing the way text looks on your various devices and in your assorted services?  Well long story short, a SoundFont changes the way a "song" sounds when played on your computer or piano keyboard.  It works with "MIDI" (.mid) files, because those files don't actually contain any audio; instead they simply contain instructions for your "MIDI Player" to read so that it can use a SoundFont to follow those orders, thus resulting in what you hear when you play a MIDI file.  Like text fonts, each SoundFont has a unique style, and some don't even have sound samples in all of their instrument and pitch slots!  Most times though, you'll find that this should be okay.

What is The "Piano Synth Collection™️"?

Here, this article from my website should sum it up quite nicely.

You can download all of your favourite SoundFonts from my "Piano Synth Collection™️" here!

Please enjoy, and "HAPPY JADING!"
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