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The Battle Of The Bet HD

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:22 am
Alright guys, this, right here, is the VERY FIRST GAME, I EVER MADE!  I preserved LITERALLY EVERYTHING in this HD remake, except I did fix some glitches like alignment issues and improper timings.  The actual "graphics", though, have been COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED, including the bullet points.  OH, THE BULLET POINTS!  I guess this isn't really HD in the proper sense, or at least not displaywise, but it IS 16:9 now instead of 4:3 like it used to be.

Before we get started though, you must know that I rerouted the spacebar controls to the left mouse button, to comply with Kiosk Mode playability.  Alright, let's do this!

Here's the horribly voice acted version.  Oh, how my microphone technique and acting skills have DRASTICALLY IMPROVED since then!  And if you think the audio quality is bad NOW?  You should have heard the ORIGINAL version; it sounded like the SNES and the GBA had a VERY UGLY BABY!  This stuff is only after the HD Remastering ProCess! 


Here's the text to speech variant I made in 2011; even THEN, all I ever had back then was our beloved Microsoft Sam, so?  Yeah.  But I did try my best to make his voice less SNES like.  At least HIS quality wasn't originally crossed with that of the GBA like what happened to the voice acted edition with its four bit microphone! 


And finally, THIS?  Is the original version, that I started developing, all the way back on September Twenty Ninth Of Two Thousand And Seven!  This HD variant does feature the "credits" music from the voice acted edition, but just know that the original game was COMPLETELY SILENT, and NONE of its variants used Kiosk Mode, because that feature didn't exist in PowerPoint 2002!


Please enjoy, and "HAPPY JADING!"
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