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FOURTH PPC CHALLENGE - Make a firework

on Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:31 pm
You may have seen the Pyrotech game I posted a short while ago.

As I was making it I was thinking that there must be lots of creative ways of producing a firework on PowerPoint. PowerPoint Spice shows a lovely way to make one here. I used this method with a couple of adaptations in Pyrotech.

So, this challenge is for you to produce one or more fireworks on PowerPoint.

What I would like to do is gather together the fireworks submitted and use them to make PYROTECH II as a combined effort.

Here's the Sydney Harbour picture I'll use as the backdrop.

Here are some requirements:

  • Each firework must be launched via a 'Trigger'
  • One firework per screen (One firework can however consist of several fireworks of the same type)
  • Multiple fireworks will be great, but a single one will be welcome too
  • They should work on a 16:9 screen size
  • Upload links must be to downloadable PPTX files that I can edit
  • You can use the Sydney Harbour pictures on your slides, but this is not essential unless your fireworks depend upon any particular feature like the bridge
  • Sound effects are not compulsory
  • There's no deadline for this and you can submit your fireworks one at a time over a period if you wish. My aim is to produce and publish the final display when I have 10 fireworks in all

All submissions will be on the understanding that I will combine different fireworks by different people to make a single display game along the same lines as Pyrotech.

Full credit will be given to contributors.

So, having lit the blue touchpaper........over to you.

Any questions - just ask.
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