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Which feature (or features) are you most excited to experience in the demo?

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on Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:31 pm
I'll embed these links once this thing lets me.  In the meantime, select each one, copy it to your clipboard, paste it into your address field, press the HOME key, and then rapidly switch between pressing "RIGHT" and "DELETE" until all the characters are spaceless. 

About This Title:

I'm sure some of you may be familiar withthat "Street Fighter Interactive Bomb - PowerPoint Template" game video on YouTube. 

Well I am currently in the process of bringing that game to PowerPoint 2016, but in my own AMAZING way!  This thing is fully playable!

There aren't health bars, and YOU CONTROL what both fighters do (and thus the duration of each match), but if you connect a second mouse to your laptop, you and a friend or family member can actually battle for glory, fame, and the ultimate bragging rights!  If you don't have another mouse, you may also use a smartphone, the "Ultimate Mouse Lite" app (which works better on Android than on iOS), and the "Ultimate Control" desktop agent for Windows and Mac (and possibly even Linux) that goes with it!  Very Happy

So far, I've "coded" the entire Ryu playthrough, and I shall soon be adding a Character Select screen to the game before I put in any more campaigns.


Objective Fighter (Left Side [Story Driver {Must Win To Advance}]):
Punch: Move Mouse To Bottom Left corner.
Kick: Move mouse to upper left corner.
Knock Out Opponent: Click on left edge of screen after attacking your opponent at least once.  (They must be standing and or no longer bleeding first.)
Kick Grounded Opponent: Move mouse to upper left of screen before they get up.
Pin And Knock Out Grounded Opponent: Move mouse to lower left edge of screen before they get up.
Cancel pin (Note that a second player can force this fate upon you too): Move mouse away from and then back to left edge of screen before your referee shouts "THREE!"
Opposing Challenger (Right Side): Same controls as those of the Objective Fighter, but on the right instead of the left side.

System Requirements:

Intel I5 Processor or better.
PowerPoint 2016 or newer.  (This game WILL NOT WORK WITH PowerPoint Viewer!)
Screen or monitor MUST BE 16:9 with a current resolution of EXACTLY 1600×900 or NIGHTMARISH GLITCHES will occur!
Windows 10 is REQUIRED!

Download And Updates:

The link I am about to offer you is a direct one to the game file itself, no download button or anything!  This will automatically update under the exact same link as more edits to the game are uploaded to my Dropbox server.  Please enjoy, and as I tell all my truest, most loyal fans (officially dubbed "The Jaders"), "HAPPY JADING!"

Please come back and click this link every so often to get the latest version of the game.  Note: If you get a "403 Forbidden" error, make sure your browser is set to "Request Desktop Site", then try aGain if it doesn't automatically refresh.

You can download "GIGA STREET FIGHTER II - The Final Round™️" here!



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