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Would you like to see some of the previous titles in the "JayBowl Research Franchise™"?

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on Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:49 am
You can download "JayBowl - LEGENDS" here!


What Is JayBowl?

"JayBowl™" is a Wii Sports like bowling game designed for players with gyroscopic mouse devices, such as a smartphone, or even a Nintendo™ Wii Remote®!

JayBowl works using my official "JayDee Invisible Rectangle Technology", a series of overlapping, imperceptible rectangles, positioned in an inverted, pixelated, pyramidal configuration, designed to make any game engine that utilizes said system an ergonomic, accessible experience for almost anyone who wishes to play the title as whose fundamental structure it serves.

For those of you with more simple vocabularies, "JayBowl" uses an upside down triangle made out of invisible rectangles to perform various tasks, like keeping score and verbally announcing how many pins you knock down in each turn.

JayBowl is a slight spin on the traditional ten pin bowling, in which getting a spare is not an option.  Each throw is always a new turn, so if you don't get a strike, then you've completely lost that opportunity.

Although it isn't part of the JayBowl rules and therefore shall not be announced as such by the game's system voice, you can technically simulate a spare by knocking down, say, seven pins in one turn, and then, obviously, three pins in the very next one.  However, it takes a lot of skill to accurately achieve such a scoring sequence.

JayBowl is meant as a light hearted, fun approach for anyone who wants a free bowling game that they can enjoy at any random point in the day.  However, you can play with as many additional people as you wish.  Although the game is meant for devices with built in gyroscopes, it is also playable using a regular mouse.  Just pull the pointer back to ready your swing, and push it forth to throw the ball, aiming for the middle of the top edge of the screen to get that perfect ten.

When playing this game using a gyroscope, such as a smartphone or a Nintendo™ Wii Remote®, please make sure that there is ample space for you to move freely without colliding into other objects.  “JayDee Games™” is not responsible for any damage to persons or properties due to this game’s mishandling by its players.  Thank you.

Oh, kay?  But then, what is JayBowl - LEGENDS?

"JayBowl - LEGENDS™" is a revolutionary; three dimensional; drop in drop out, touch supportive, voice controllable, mouse manipulable; single or multi player; high definition; completely randomized bowling game for POWERPOINT! 

On top of that, this title features television grade commentary and top notch voice acting, to the point where it makes you feel like you're watching an actual event instead of playing a video game based on one that never quite happened in the real world!

There are so many features that it will make you kick yourself, wondering HOW the HECK ANY THING LIKE THIS could EVER have POSSIBLY been MADE in MICROSOFT POWERPOINT!


For years, PowerPoint game developers have tried and failed at giving each of their various titles a built in way of keeping score.  But their methods all either involved foreign code that isn't supported in stock PowerPoint, its free viewer, or its mobile app; or were too buggy and unreliable.  But I, BEAT THE SYSTEM!  And I DID it, in a way that is supported in ALL OFFICIAL VERSIONS of POWERPOINT!  And IT'S FLAWLESS TOO!

FINALLY, you can NOW click a SPECIAL "LEAVE" button to EXIT the GAME if you're too far away from your keyboard to press escape!!

This game has been rigourously tested, and I'm proud to say that it can run at a MINIMUM of SIXTY FRAMES per SECOND (60FPS) [on fast enough hardware]!

5. The WORLD'S Most POWERFUL SlideShowGame EVER!
This game is TOTALLY DESIGNED for devices powerful enough to beyond completely serve as a fully functional "JadeJohnson TALE console™" ¡ONLY!  If you try to play it on a machine running on anything less powerful than an i5 chip (MINIMUM TALE CONVERSION REQUIREMENT), AND OR WITHOUT using WINDOWS TEN, you JUST MIGHT NEVER be able to use your computer EVER aGAIN!

Not only is "JayBowl - LEGENDS" the series finale of the (currently [as of when this was posted]) one and a quarter year old saga, but it is also the ultimate PowerPoint bowling simulator of the century!

It will completely blow your mind how much research and code have gone into this totally futuristic GUI (General User Interface [also simply called "UI" {User Interface}])!

1. Feeling hungry in the real world?  No problem!  The new engine contains two location sensitive pizza delivery buttons ("Gluten Free" and "Standard"), so you can order both a pizza and a drink without needing to stop having fun!  It's great for real world JayBowl tourneys and team banquets; as well as for all you hardcore gamers out there who just want to keep JayBowling no matter who or where you are and what's happening around you!

2. Stay both digitally and physically connected with your real life friends with a ton of powerful social media tools built right into the game!  With general secure login support for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter; as well as immediate access to Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Skype, you can make sure your friends and family are all included, even going so far as to invite them over for a good two (or more) hours of good old fashioned fun!

3. Require some background noise?  Or maybe wanna listen to a catchy song?  Maybe you just need to take a break to watch the latest and most insanely hilarious cat video of them all.  Whatever the case, "JayBowl - LEGENDS" has your back.  With fifteen great streaming media services, ranging from free to freemium to premium; as well as from music to video, from live television to original content to trending fan favourites, and from the most well known to a variety of niches; this game comes packed with nearly every single streaming network under the sun, moon, and yes PoKéMoN fans, the stars too!

4. Enjoy this game?  Like, a lot?  Go on ahead and show it off!  Just be sure to give credit to "JadeJohnson Games™" in the video description or in your commentary!  That's right, you can even LiveStream your gameplay of "JayBowl - LEGENDS" on Twitch!  Plus, if you have "Active Presenter", you can also share your gameplay on YouTube so the world can see your sporty StrikeBowling skills!

5. Been missing out on current events?  Catch up via your favourite news service with the game's built in news integration!  "JayBowl - LEGENDS" has native support for C-SPAN, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, Fox News, The Los Angeles Times, MSN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

But WAIT!  There's MORE!

1. The BOWLING ANIMATION has FINALLY been IMPROVED!  You NOW get to SEE the PINS fly back when they're knocked down!

2. This is the first PowerPoint game in HISTORY with MULTIPLE AUDIO channels, NONE of which REQUIRE LOCAL FILE hosting!


4. The JadeJohnson Games™ character colour style is now UNIVERSAL on the User Agreement Screen!  No more boring EighthGenCodeGreen letters, EVER!

5. The PINS NOW HAVE REFLECTIONS underneath them!  Heck, that should have been there back in the ORIGINAL JayBowl!

6. Now you can import EITHER a Mii OR a CHARACTER MODEL!  As long as it's got a transparent void, ANYTHING GOES!

7. DLC is FINALLY a THING!  You can now get free downloadable content to import into your game!

8. STOCK GAME music is a THING of the PAST!  Now, when modding, you can put your own .WAV songs, DIRECTLY onto the bowling alley's track list, and EVEN CHANGE them UP when EVER you LIKE!

9. PLAY how EVER you LIKE!  This game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, using a new control engine by "JadeJohnson Games™" (who else), known as "MousePie™".  MousePie ensures that whether you're playing on a COUCH with a TABLET, or at a PARTY with a Nintendo Wii Remote, you'll ALWAYS be ABLE to HAVE FUN in the WAY that SUITS your OWN PERSONAL NEEDS, EVEN on a CASE by CASE BASIS!

10. Most importantly of all, NO MORE NEED for MULTIPLE RELEASE VARIANTS in the SAME GENERATION (WHICH, by the way, is now OFFICIALLY GENERATION TEN [THAT'S RIGHT, JadeJohnson Games™ did it in the summer of Twenty Sixteen, and in TWENTY SEVENTEEN, we DID it aGAIN {WELCOMED our FANS to a NEW GENERATION of GAMING TECHNOLOGY, but THIS time, WE didn't NEED new HARDWARE, and NEVER SHALL aGAIN}])!  "Jaybowl - LEGENDS" is ALWAYS "JayBowl - LEGENDS", no matter if played on your COMPUTER, your PHONE, your TABLET, or EVEN your SCHOOL'S SMARTBOARD!


Play your hearts out, and, as I tell all my fans ("The Jaders"), "HAPPY JADING!™"


Mary Cullman
(James Johnson [JadeJohnson])
Gary Howard
(James Johnson [JadeJohnson])

Supported Control Options:
Mouse Control
PC Gaming Remote Control
Touch Control
Voice Control

Intended Platforms:
JayDee Tale
PowerPoint For iOS
Windows PC

Yes (Optional)


Import Miis from any Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system, no matter what the region!

Set a certain Mii's turn to start if the previous throw received a certain score!

Import custom character models, animations, maps, camera motion data, lighting data, screen filters, shaders, textures, substances, balls, pins, and lane colours for limitless personalization!

Create your own 3D content to import directly into the game with "Video To GIF - GIF Viewer", free from the Windows Store!

Share Across Devices:
Yes (Optional)

JGRS Rating:
L (For Ages Ten Through Twelve [10-12] And Older)

Content Descriptors:
Ersatz Tissue Discharge
Fair Vigour
Incongruous Hilarity
Restricted Bareness
Sensual Ideas

JGRS Intensity Level:
Five Out Of Seven (5/7) Offense Points For This Age Group [71%]

Overall Offensiveness Value:
Twelve Out Of Thirty Five (12/35) Points [34%]

JGRS (What It Is) [How It Works]:

I may have told people that I was working on it in the past, and we all, including I; may have thought I'd never get around to finishing it, but I have finally created my very own rating system, which is even better, for me, than the ESRB; called the JGRS. It is this system that I shall use to rate my games from now on.

What Is The JGRS?

The JadeJohnson Games Rating System (JGRS) is a video game content rating standard that can be used to help people who detest foul language stay informed about games that they can enjoy that do not contain any vulgarity whatsoever. Games that do possess inappropriate language are prohibited from being rated via this approach.

How Does The JGRS Work?

The JadeJohnson Games Rating System uses a collection of seven different classes of content descriptors, each of whose individual members is ranked with a respective score between one and five points.

1: Content for descriptors worth one point are considered barely harmful.

2: Content for Descriptors worth two points are considered slightly harmful.

3: Content for descriptors worth three points is considered fairly harmful.

4: Content for descriptors worth four points is considered fervently harmful.

5: Content for descriptors worth five points is considered severely harmful.

There are seven classes of content descriptors, and there are five different severity levels; so, since a game is rated by adding together all the values of the scores of all the content descriptors, the highest rating a game can receive is a value of thirty five points.

The JGRS uses a total of thirty six ratings. The severity scale starts with the digit zero. However a game is only rated zero if it has absolutely zero inappropriate content whatsoever. Moving up the scale, after zero comes each letter of the English alphabet, from Alpha to Zulu, followed by each of every single digit, excluding zero of course, from one to nine.

Nine is the highest rating that any game rated via the JGRS can possibly be rated. It has a score total of thirty five, and it is only applied to games that contain all seven classes of legal JGRS content, whose descriptors have all been ranked with scores of exactly five points. The lowest score that a game can possibly receive, whilst still being rated for the inclusion of any questionable content at all, is the English letter Alpha, which is given to a game that only has one content descriptor whose score is exactly one point.

What Are Rating Symbols?

Rating symbols are large colour coded characters to the left of a game’s content descriptors that can be used as a quick reference when referring to the recommended age group for said game and its featured content.

Rating Symbol Rankings:

0: Zero is a special rating symbol that indicates that a game is perfectly harmless to play.

Alpha through Gulf: A game rated between, “A”, and, “G”; is suitable for ages 6 through 9 plus.

Hotel through November: A game rated between, “H”, and, “N”; is suitable for ages 10 through 12 plus.

Oscar through Uniform: A game rated between, “O”, and, “U”; is suitable for ages 13 through 16 plus.

Victor through Two: A game rated between, “V”, and, “2”; is suitable for ages 17 plus.

Three through Nine: A game rated between, “3”, and, “9”; is suitable for ages 18 plus.

What Are Content Descriptors?

Content descriptors are special terms that often appear in a designated list area, found to the right of a game’s rating symbol, that explain exactly which types of objectionable content are featured in each game rated via the JGRS. This is useful because it helps people figure out what they will and won’t want to play based on their personal or parental preferences.

Vigour - Violence:

1. Vigourous Allusions - Violent References

2. Slight Vigour - Mild Violence

3. Fair Vigour - Violence

4. Fervent Vigour - Strong Violence

5. Severe Vigour - Intense Violence

Tissue Discharge Slash Mutilation - Blood Slash Gore

1. Ersatz Tissue Discharge - Animated Blood

2. Slight Tissue Discharge - Mild Blood

3. Fair Tissue Discharge - Blood

4. Ersatz Mutilation - Animated Blood And Gore

5. Severe Mutilation - Blood And Gore

Sensuality - Sexuality

1. Slight Sensual Ideas - Mild Suggestive Themes

2. Sensual Ideas - Suggestive Themes

3. Sensuality - Sexual Content

4. Fervent Sensuality - Strong Sexual Content

5. Sensual Vigour - Sexual Violence

Bareness - Nudity

3. Restricted Bareness - Partial Nudity

5. Complete Bareness - Nudity

Liquor, Cigs, and Narcs - Substances

1.1. Liquor Allusions - Alcohol References

1.3. Cig Allusions - Tobacco References

1.5. Narc Allusions - Drug References

5.1. Liquor Intake - Use of Alcohol

5.3. Cig Intake - Use of Tobacco

5.5. Narc Intake - Use of Drugs

Note: In regards to the “Liquor, Cigs, And Narcs” category, if a game’s content contains more than one score, for example one for Narc Intake and one for Liquor Allusions, only the highest descriptor score is counted against the game’s appropriacy, not including the decimal tenths place value, and all applicable content descriptors are added to its rating summary under the new score.

Betting - Gambling

3. Emulated Betting - Simulated Gambling

5. Genuine Betting - Realistic Gambling

Pranks, Hilarity, and Misbehaviour - Humor

1. Whimsical Misbehaviour - Comic Mischief

3. Incongruous Hilarity - Crude Humor

5. Rabble Rousing Pranks - Mature Humor

By these here official JGRS guidelines, any and all games containing mild, moderate, and or strong; rude, crass, foul, offensive, racist, sexist, behaviourist, groupist, or any other kind of disrespectful language and or lyrics are automatically disallowed to have been rated using said system. Therefore, games that contain this kind of content are disallowed to be released for consoles or computers, or to families, which or whom, primarily rely on the JayDee Games Rating System as a core means of parental control.

Furthermore, all games that have no questionable content whatsoever are rated 0, which comes before A, making it the most appropriate and family friendly rating in the collection.


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Re: JayBowl - LEGENDS

on Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:56 pm
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How do we get the wii remote, or smart phone to interact with the powerpoint file? I'm really confused.

I would like to see a more clear explanation on how to play, and how to set up the other methods of play. Maybe a link to a video tutorial you have on youtube showing us how to play? I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to play with just my mouse.

Pros: I do like all the audio clips and commentary, it gives the game personality.
Cons: Lack of direction on how to play. I'm not overly a fan of the little video clips of the guy in the top right corner. Perhaps remove them to help reduce your file-size?

Overall: An interesting game that I haven't seen in PowerPoint. A few more revisions to polish it up and it will be a solid game!
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Re: JayBowl - LEGENDS

on Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:40 pm
Thank you for your excellent feedback!

Although it is completely free to play, "JayBowl - LEGENDS" is the already finalized (as of right now anyway), last edition in a year and a half long running series that has had so much time, money, and research put into its development that it is technically worthy of being officially dubbed a franchise, and I shall refer to it as such from this point onward.

"JayBowl - LEGENDS" Controls:

Playing Via A Standard USB Plug'n'Play Or Wireless Mouse (Touchpads Don't Count Here);

Using a mouse in "JayBowl - LEGENDS", there are two ways to play.

1. Arcade Mode (Default) - To bowl in this mode, quickly click your left mouse button.  It has to be held down for less than twenty milliseconds, just to give you an idea of the type of click needed to make it work.  It performs best when you quickly bop or tap it with your index finger, making sure to let up from the button immediately.

2. Gyro Mode (Built For Gyroscopic Mice [But Works With Standard Ones As Well]) - To bowl in this mode, point to and click to turn on the "GYRO" switch (found at the middle left of the display, perform whatever gesture lets you move the cursor to the top of the screen, and then lower it back down to complete the throwing movement.

Using A TouchPad;

It is very tedious to use a TouchPad when playing this game, so it is recommended that you disable yours unless you have no other cursor input device.

That being said though, you may actually find it easier to play using a trackpad, depending on your situational needs, so here's how to use it to play this game, for whatever it might be worth to you:

1. Arcade Mode (Highly Recommended) - Click anywhere that's not a button to bowl.  The touchpad shouldn't be anywhere as insensitive as a regular mouse, thankfully.

2. Gyro Mode (Not Recommended Unless You Have A Lot Of Time On Your Hands) - Point to and click to turn on the "GYRO" switch found at the middle left of the display, then finger the cursor all the way to the top of the screen to bowl, being sure to move it back down to the bottom in order to complete the throwing motion.

Controlling The Game With A Smartphone;

A. Go to your preferred app store and download the free "Ultimate Mouse Lite" app.  There is a paid version, but it is completely unneeded for SlideShowGaming since adverts don't get in the way as it stands, but don't even exist on the controller display in the Android variant at all.

B. Once the app is downloaded and installed, follow the in app instructions to download and install the free "Ultimate Control Agent" to your computer.

C. Once the program is installed, Windows should advise you to allow it through your firewall so that the tool can work as intended.  It is recommended that it only be allowed on private networks, as public ones are often insecure and can lead to the hacking of your machine.

D. Next, open "Ultimate Control".  The "Preferences" window should appear.  Customize it to your liking, then click done.  At this point, it is installed and running on your PC.

E. Go back to "Ultimate Mouse Lite" on your mobile device, make sure that "Pointer Mode" is enabled, and choose the option that lets you connect to a PC via Wi-Fi.

F. At this point, you will see a list of available receivers.  Tap the computer you wish to sync your phone with.  There should usually be only one on there, unless there are other computers within your phone's Wi-Fi range that have the app both installed and running.

G. And just like that, you should now be able to control your PC's cursor and enter basic text with your SmartDevice.

Note: Sometimes your phone's connection to the PC agent may fail.  This is normal.  Just tap reconnect.  If it seems that you've pressed it ten or more times within a minute and it still won't stay connected for longer than three to five seconds, try pressing "Windows+D" to force your PC to show the desktop, then open the notification chevron found near the clock and Action Center (slash Centre), look for the "Ultimate Control" icon, right click it, choose "Quit", and finally relaunch it.

Manipulating "JayBowl - LEGENDS" using a "Nintendo® Wii Remote™";

I don't quite remember much about how to do this, but I do know that you can sync a Wii Remote with your PC using Bluetooth, but it will not serve any purpose until you download a free and open source tool called "GlovePie".  You should be able to search Google for it, and its website explains, somewhere, how to enable your WiiMote to function as a gyroscopic mouse.  There is a script you must run IN GlovePie itself, and it only works if you have a Wii Remote Plus or a standard Wii Remote with a Wii Motion Plus plugged into it, but provided you've done everything correctly, you should be playing "JayBowl - LEGENDS" as if it were "Wii Sports™ - Bowling" in no time!
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Re: JayBowl - LEGENDS

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