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JadeJohnson TALE XG BIOS - By JadeJohnson Games™

on Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:08 pm
Convert your computer into a tenth generation PowerPoint gaming console with my official basic input output system (BIOS)!

It works by letting you directly edit each of its customizable settings and pages.  You can even change its default layout if you wish; that's why it's a .pptx and not a .ppsx!

When it opens, view the show as normal.  Then once it's done loading after you're logged in by clicking "OK" at the bottom, press "NEXT" until you can add a new episode.

Each episode can hold whatever PowerPoint file you want.  Just load it by viewing the show.

Finally, to download a game to an episode:

1. Go to "Insert>Object" and embed the file you want.

2. Position and size it how you want, then animate it to "Show" "After Previous".

3. Lastly, Once that's done, all you need to do now is go back to that original open edit mode pptx of the BIOS and press "CTRL+S" to save it!  You don't even need to close its running show! 

And yes, "BIOS Inception™" IS SUPPORTED, so you can put the BIOS itself inside of any episodes and store even more profiles and or media!

Welcome to the tenth generation of SlideShowGaming, and "HAPPY JADING!™"

You can download "JadeJohnson TALE XG BIOS™" here!

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