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AnNiéMoN™ Battle 9.0

on Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:54 pm
"AnNiéMoN™ Battle" is a long running series of PowerPoint PoKéMoN battle simulators made by "JadeJohnson Games™" and our many predecessors.  There was originally supposed to be an RPG that used the system, but it was unfortunately cancelled in 2012.

The main difference between this game and PoKéMoN is that you can combine multiple attacks into a single new one that does that much more damage.  Plus, the attack types are determined by their level of awesomeness, not the elements to which they adhere.

The main point of this game is simply to just have fun and see what kinds of attacks, graphical effects, and cool sound combinations you can squeeze out of it!

Please enjoy, and "HAPPY JADING!™"

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