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Pocket Monster Cries (Accurately Voiced By Me) For Those Of You Whom Wish To Try To Make Your Own PoKéMoN Games In PowerPoint [Or However Else]

on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:39 pm
If you'd just like to hear me take "The JadeJohnson Records Kanto PoKéMoN Cry Challenge™",

Check out the "PoKéMoN: Indigo League" Animé edition here,

and witness the "PoKéMoN Red, Green, Blue, And Yellow Version" variant here!

However, if you'd like to use my cry impressions in your own PoKéMoN inspired SlideShowGames, you may download the entire bank of individual Pocket Monster cry imitations here.

Warning: The full bank is an insanely large file, due to the fact that it contains fourteen different variants of each PoKéMoN's cry, as audibly experienced in the PoKéMoN Switch engine, even though the currently heard cry variant is actually modded by the game engine itself and not through the inclusion of that many files in the title's audio library.

Please enjoy, and "HAPPY JADING!™"
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